6870 Biathlon Front Sight Assembly

Item No: 15787


The new standard in Biathlon front sights.

The redesigned Anschutz 6870 front sight assembly now includes a round front sight tunnel and an innovative rail machined into the base of the sight to allow the user to quickly and easily install accessories such as barrel weights or a SCATT sensor mount.

The riser system now uses quick change stainless steel columns.

Extended snow flap. Longer in length to accommodate the optional 16mm riser, but also allows easier opening.

Current optional accessories available are:
SCATT Adaptor #100-015786
8mm Sight riser set #100-015789 (front and rear riser set)
16mm Sight riser set #100-015789 (front and rear riser set)
Weight Set #100-015788 (2 x 50g weights)

Weight: 140 Grams
Barrel sleeve inner diameter: Ø19mm