1761 MSR, 21.5″ Barrel

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Flexible for Higest Precision

Developed from the needs of shooters from the range and the field, this stock combines the advantages of a classic target stock, combined with the wide and easy to handle beavertail forend. The integrated aluminum rail in the forend makes this stock a great overall package. Stained walnut with stippled checkering at pistol grip, prepared for attaching a butt plate carrier.



The foundation of our high precision rests on the barreled action design. Geometry inspired by our target rifles, with a high degree of stiffness, a flat supporting surface and an integrated recoil lug.The precision action is manufactured by highly demanding production processes and with gunsmiths expertise.

Signal Pin for visual proof of safety

11mm Anschutz dovetail

Integrated recoil lug on optic rail

Flat bedding surface


Roller bearing to reduce the force needed to open and to close the bolt.

25mm polymer bolt knob

Short 60 degree bolt throw

Three lug locking for highest safety and phenomenal precision

QPQ Coating to reduce ease of sliding, wear and corrosion protection

Trigger & Safety:

Adjustable ANSCHÜTZ two stage trigger 5061. Set at the factory to 300 g.

Light weight, hardened and finely lapped trigger parts allow for a fast, clean release.

Ergonomic and silent activating positive safety.

  • Model Nr: 5061 Light
  • Type: Two-Stage
  • Version:right
  • Color of the trigger shoe:Silver
  • Safety:Sliding safety catch
  • Trigger weight, adjusted (g):300
  • Adjustment of the trigger weight (mm):250 – 450

Precision Barrel:

The Model 1761 MP R is delivered without sights, however, the barrel is machined with the ANSCHÜTZ 11 mm prism rail for mounting traget style sights. Ability to change caliber, the barrel can easily be changed* 

with 2 tenon locking clamps, the barrel clamping allows for the barrel to be re-inserted with perfect precision – every time.

  • Material:Steel
  • Finish:blued
  • Caliber:.22 l.r.
  • Length of twist (mm):420
  • Number of grooves:8
  • Sights: 11mm dovetail for sight tunnel
  • Muzzle diameter (mm):22
  • Barrel length (mm):544

Optics & Mounts:

Receiver has a machined 11mm ANSCHÜTZ spec dovetail rail for mounting clamp style rings or target sights

Integrated recoil lug groove in the prism rail for mounting the optional picintanny rail to ensure maximum stability of the mount.


Single-stack,5-shot magazine with stainless steel housing.

Optimized magazine handling thanks to the release lever integrated into the trigger and the extended magazine base plate. High-strength magazine base plate made of weather and drop resistant polymer.

Stock & Action Bedding:

Stained and lacquered hardwood beavetail style stock with non-slip and adjustable rubber butt plate and aluminum handstop rail in the forend. The stock is prepared for the assembly of a butt plate carrier – to adjust the stock in length. Stippled checkering on pistol grip. Flat bedding of the barreled action in the stock ensures the highest precision.

  • Aluminuim grooved rail on the lower side:yes
  • Version:right
  • Length of stock (mm):760
  • Weight (g):1500
  • Material:Hardwood
  • Stippled checkering:yes
  • Stock type:MP R
  • Stock finish:gebeizt
  • Butt plate:Rubber butt plate
  • Length of pull (mm):360
  • Prepared for claming element:yes