1727 F German 560MM – LEFT HANDED

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Model 1727F – The straight pull repeater for quick and effortless reloads.
The Anschutz Fortner Biathlon rifle dominates National, International, Olympic and World Championship Biathlon competitions. In fact, when introduced back in 1983,  it revolutionized the sport.
The 1727 is based on this proven and refined Fortner Biathlon straight pull action repeater.  Combining a crisp match two-stage trigger, a silky smooth and quick straight pull action with an extraordinarily short lock time, gives the shooter an extremely very fast repeating rifle which results in important seconds for the hunting success.
Flawless Perfection – A wonderfully crafted, extremely precise rimfire rifle for hunting small game and predators, a Master Piece of decades old German Craftsmanship with the accuracy and precision you have come to expect from ANSCHÜTZ.
The world famous ANSCHÜTZ straight-pull action used in the model 1827 F is offered in our premier rimfire sporting rifle; the 1727 F. Identical to the Biathlon action, the 1727’s bolt is locked in place with 7 hardened steel balls when fully closed. The steel balls are released by a short reward movement of the bolt handle, allowing for an ultra-fast cycling of the action. The non-slip, knurled bolt handle and short locking distance enable unbelievably fast follow-up shots. The one-piece firing pin has a defined end-stop area to avoid damage when dry firing. The robust steel receiver and thick-walled target barrel ensure top shooting accuracy. The receiver has two 11mm wide grooved bases for the attachment of a scope rings. The action face of the bolt body is set back so that the cartridge rim is covered by the bolt head. The separate bolt catch on the side of the receiver limits the bolt movement and thus protects the trigger.
A gas vent hole on the side of the extractor groove directs any gas to the side of the firearm in the case of a cartridge failure. With the safety on, the sliding safety catch on the right-hand side blocks the trigger at the same time as lifting the catch lever and release link. The bolt can be opened when the firearm is secured. The firearm can also be unloaded when the safety is on.
Our hunting triggers are hand crafted to the same precision as the match triggers in the ANSCHÜTZ target rifle. The low-weight, hardened and finely polished triggers enable a fast and precise release of the trigger. The target two-stage trigger found in the 1727 has set the standard for quality, reliability, and precision. It is not without reason that ANSCHÜTZ triggers are known as the best in the world.  A master­piece of the German Gunsmiths art.
The barrels are manufactured using the same special process perfected for the ANSCHÜTZ target rifles. The same also applies to the manufacturing process of the chamber.  Detail is given to the fitting of the receiver and the counterbore at the muzzle.
German Stock:
Oiled walnut stock, light German style stock with German cheek piece, Schnabel forend tip, non-slip checkering on the pistol grip and forend with borders. With black rubber butt pad and sling swivel studs.
1727 F
Total length: 101.6 cm (40 in)
Weight approx.: 3.4 kg (7.5 lbs)
Material: Steel
Finish: Nitrate
Model Number: 5020
Type: Two stage trigger
Safety: Sliding safety catch on the right side
Trigger Blade Cant Range: 11 mm (0.43 in)
Adjustment of the trigger Blade: 23 mm (0.90 in)
Trigger Weight, Adjusted To: 550 g (19.4 oz/1.21 lbs)
Trigger Weight Adjustment Range: 90-650 g (3.17 – 22.9 oz)
Material: Steel
Finish: Blued
Caliber: .17 HMR, .22LR, .17 Mach 2
Number of grooves: 8
Barrel version: Heavy Tapered
Barrel thread: N/A
Muzzle diameter: 18 mm (0.70 in)
Barrel length: 560 mm (22 in)
Stock type: German
Length of stock: 775 (30.5 in)
Length of pull: 360mm (14 in)
Weight: 789g (27.8 oz)
Material: Walnut
Stock color: Natural
Stock finish: Oiled
Butt plate: Black Synthetic butt plate
Item Nr.: 100-013169