1710 HB G-28 HYBRID 18″

Item No: 014864GRS


The 1710 HB HYBRID – Optimized for shooting prone.
Many years of military long-distance shooting experience lies behind the development of this rifle stock. GRS Hybrid has what it takes to develop your prone shooting.
The design is derived from the long range stock, with the same grip and SpeedLock system. The butt has a surface specially made for shooting with a beanbag, this is the absolute best way to shoot accurate on extended ranges. The forend is 50 mm longer than a sporter/varmint style stock and has a flat bottom for supporting against bags or rests. The longer forend also provides a better mounting position for bipods and aids in balancing long and heavy barrels. The forend has one quick detachable slingmount and one sling mount for using a Harris style bipod is provided as standard. The buttstock also has a QD slingmount.
Like all our stocks, the grip has an angle of six percent. This allows the hand to rest in a natural and relaxed position. This is a smart detail that makes a big difference when prone shooting.
The bolt with dual locking lugs is seated eccentrically in the receiver to give the action screws more support for better stock bedding. The bolt is cam locking. Fast and trouble-free repeating is guaranteed by claw extractor and the additional cartridge holder with ejector. This precision makes ANSCHÜTZ hunting repeaters a reliable partner in the field and in the forest. The receiver is equipped with an 11 mm (7/16″) wide grooved receiver rail and is additionally drilled and tapped for scope mounts. The bolt face is recessed for full cartridge head support. An independent lateral bolt stop limits the travel of the bolt and thus protects the trigger as well. An additional gas escape groove guarantees safety.
The sliding safety catch on the right-hand side, blocks the trigger sear in the safe position and simultaneously lifts the trigger sear and bolt release latch
ANSCHÜTZ hunting triggers are hand crafted to the same precision as the match triggers in the ANSCHÜTZ target rifle. The low-weight, hardened and finely polished triggers enable a fast and precise release of the trigger.
Heavy Barrel:
The barrels are manufactured using the same special process perfected for the ANSCHÜTZ target rifles. The same attention to detail is given to the fitting of the receiver and the counterbore at the muzzle.
Model Number: 5110
Type: Two stage trigger
Safety: Sliding safety catch on the right side
Adjustment of the trigger shoe: 17mm (0.67in)
Trigger Weight, Adjusted To: 500g (17.6oz)
Trigger Weight Adjustment Range: 450g – 700g (15.8oz – 24.6oz)
Stock: GRS Hybrid Laminate
Color: Green Mountain Camo
Material: Steel
Finish: Blued
Caliber: .22 LR
Number of grooves: 8
Barrel version: Heavy Precision Barrel
Barrel thread: 1/2 Inch – 28 UNEF
Muzzle diameter: 21mm (.83 in)
Barrel length: 457mm (18 in)
Safety: yes
Signal pin: yes
Version: right
Weight (g): 2500
Length of barreled action (mm): 750
10 Shot Magazine
Fortner Extended Magazine Release
Delivered with:
One (1) Ten Shot Magazine, Two (2) QD Swivels, Anschutz Logo Mega Case, Original Test Target,